New UI Kit


Now with web design being all about having some of the components already made and ready for you, UI Kits are becoming more common. I have seen many kits that are made for Zurb but not many for Bootstrap (v4).


I checked and checked, finding no actual “building blocks” for multiple options for Bootstrap on the web. With some ideas in mind for blog formats, e-commerce formats, etc. I always had to search around for some ideas and edits online. This would mean that I would have to continuously search for these components on the framework that would be perfect for my templates.

UI Kits are being worked on for the new beta version but they are still lacking the building blocks that can make it a bit easier instead of going through example templates, finding online web snippets, etc.

So the next project that will be worked on for the blog and side projects will be a variation of the building blocks like Zurb.


We going to start on this project in the next couple of days to help with one each two weeks. Each of these building blocks will be free for download and purchase along with the source code for easier use.

Need, want. Such a fine line.

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