My name is Brian, a freelance designer & front end developer based in USA, working with occasional small business owners and agencies. I love to design and develop websites and print designs. Occasionally you might see me working to improve a company overall response, sales, or boosting their chance in this wild net jungle. Maybe you might be the next one that I work with.

My love/hate relationship with web design started all in middle school from a group project we had to do. From that moment of placing my finger on the keyboard and making a website from scratch, I hit the ground hard trying to get better at my craft. With Notepad and Code Monkey (yes that how long I have been coding) I started making progress to become a developer. I have worked with companies for small startups, personal hobby, and agencies. My taste of style is a more simplistic style with details that are subtle, yet perfectly integrated. Not everyone can appreciate that side of me, but so far my style hasn’t hurt me too much. Maybe you might like it in the end once you get to know me.