I'm a full service digital marketing and development freelancer.

Well as you know my name is Brian Whiting and I am a front-end designer and developer that works on graphics for print and web. With over 10 years of experienced in digital marketing and development, I specialize in startups and personal sites. All the services that I provide help with content management, design, and development. Your website is a critical component of your business that connects you to your audience around the world.

The services that I offer are a means to help with getting your prescense known online. The services range from responsive website design, content mangement, web hosting, etc. With all that I do it all comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee of the service offered if not meeting your satisfaction.

How I work

There is a process to these things


Study the project and requests. Then look into options to make it from a thought to a reality.

Concept & Design

Come up with the concept of your project, make a few layout ideas on pen and paper, and then boom. We start.


Make that concept into a full front-end design. Make some nice back end features and test it out.

Testing & Support

We start testing it online with users and see what they like and don't like about it.


If you need assistance with learning what your strategy would be for furthering your online presence, I do that as well.

Web Development

Making pixel perfect designs from words is a puzzle that I love to work on. Say no more fam.

Responsive Website Design

With the surge of online presence a need of a website for the masses is on the rise. With the help of Bootstrap or Foundation framework I make all that possible.

Web Hosting

Reliable hosting services for your domains. Be it you have one, need to buy one, or want to transfer your domain. I also can help with that.


Maintenance checks on your servers and checks. Options for monthly rates that will cover all your needs. 2 to 3 day turnarounds.

card: flight template
Flight Template

Website design concept that I put together for fun. Was an attempt to make a website for a commercial airliner and company.

Web Design - Template - Concept

card: anchor design shack
Design Shack

An Anchor CMS design template that I worked on. Never came to pass but might work on it later.

Web Design - Concept - Template

card: flight template
Baby Shower Invitation

A baby shower card for a couple in Alabama. Simplistic color with attention to detail, sports themed.

Print Design

card: anchor design shack
DJ Hunnitk

A DJ based in the Maryland area that worked a lot on his craft. Proud of his heritage and show it through his style of music.

Web Design - Concept

card: flight template
Wedding Invite

This was a wedding invite for a couple in Maryland, U.S.A. A fun design around some color ideas of gold/bronze and black.

Print Design - Digital Design

card: anchor design shack
Cricket Club Logo

A project in the past for a logo design concept.

Logo Design

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