Do you want to grow and scale your business?

Ready to make a change in your business marketing format, redesign your website to be up to date, or need help with getting more exposure in your market and expanding?

I love working with startups, custom projects, and branding assistance. Check out some of my favorite ones below.

Even with the fact that I love all that I just said, I still got to be able to prove that to you and to all my clients that I work with. As a self-taught Web Designer and Front-end Developer, I have got a few tricks up my sleeve to help.

But there a few things I will do and a few that I won't do. You might like some of the ones I list.

  • HTML5/CSS3 - 10 yrs
  • Javascript - 2 yrs
  • Php - 2 yrs
  • Web Design - 10 yrs
  • Front-end Development - 10 yrs
  • Play video games
  • I enjoy watching cat videos like it is 1999
  • Hate working on Internet Explorer 6 and 7
  • Enjoy pixel perfection

  • All
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Branding/Logo
  • Print Design
Anchor Design Shack
Legal Website Design
Griffin Logo
Gaming Clan Website
Euphoria Salon
Baby Shower Flyer
Wedding Invitation Cards
Shady Oak Hotel/Rental Cabin
DJ Hunnitk

My Blog

Some recent snippets from my personal blog

Posts will be coming soon...updating the blog now with new posts from scratch. It will be featuring some posts on templates, projects, case studies, and more. Check it out when you have the chance once posts are made and finalized.

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