A. Piece Lawncare

The Approach

I designed the website to be based on a good array of colors that shows of their aspect of lawn. I designed the website to be a responsive theme that can be used for basic needs of content and a way to later expand into a form of business management if needed. I began with working on the website with an idea of the main tone of color being a green base with grey to help with the font.

  • Web Design services
  • Web Development services
  • Branding

The Result

The inital website came with a nice idea that I wanted to implement in the form of isotope use of the gallery and the images. I wanted to have their gallery be unique and showcase their prized work from the before and after options. The concept of a Content Manager was used with the Surreal CMS for some content management from the client. There was a constant problem with the contact form that I made due to some initial coding problems which I managed to fix to help with allowing content to be sent and filterd out based on what subject was chosen.

The website was a nice improvement for their business as their listings in the area had an increase of having about a 150% increase in going to their website.