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Who needs insurance? I guess you do if you think about it...

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About Medical Insurance

The design of the website was meant to be made for a web design contest that I entered in. The website was made to be based on a medical insurance coverage company in the European location. This design was a nice change in atmosphere for a field that I wanted to delve in. The project design was being used for a company that goes by the name of Tarifsuisse that was in search of getting a full redesign for their website. The project didn't make it to the final round and get picked, but it has become a popular design that it is being set up for sale soon.


  • Custom graphic design for contest
  • Win the contest and take over the world!!!

Requirements & Tools

  • Custom web/graphic design
  • Photoshop
  • Dreamweaver
  • Brackets

Phase 1


The design came with the idea of using soft colors to showcase the field of medical science and insurance coverage. The design started off on a project redesign of the website that needed to be changed out for some time now since the early 2000s. This project was a good use of the colors that be with the design that started out for the website. The brief was short and to the point with some chances for an extra change in the scenary.

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  • Categories: Web Design
  • Client: - template for sale
  • Link: Medical Insurance
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