Bodybuilding with a home call

When you want to get in shape and need some extra help

Target 2 Fitness

The Approach

We approached this project with an open mind for the full concept of a personal website w/ e-commerce options added later down the road. This website was our first approach to using a new CMS that was out on the scene at the time called TidyCMS that was based upon a simple javascript input and editable sections.

We took the full design custom made with the use of a simple color option given and concept. We focued on the idea of delivering a website that was able to showcase his trainer aspect and portfolio type design feel. We initially thought of doing the website as a single page website, but that proved to be a large concept that would be non user friendly. So instead, we took on the approach of making the website a multipage website to help with his plans, gallery, and landing page.

  • Web Design Services
  • Web Development Services
  • Branding for Logo
  • Custom CMS

The Result

It took around 3 months for this work to help with the transitions and CMS integration. This was due to different choices we had to weigh into the option of the website. The end result of the website was a beautiful combination of a Bootstrap framework and our first self-hosted website under our brand.